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Hello! I am Pam Stewart, and I am an author of Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy, and today, I am going to be discussing (if I had the license for the music I would be playing it)

No, I’m sorry — that’s bad. Actually, I just wanted to discuss what I think, better yet, who I think, has got the Iron Throne.

Please feel free to share your comments below about who you think has got the Iron Throne. I watched the first episode of season 8 and of course, it was a triumph in visual cinematography as well as script writing. I know it doesn’t have the same bite as when George R.R. Martin’s books were the source material, but I feel like the characters are so strong that it has carried onto the last two seasons. It’s still very enjoyable to watch. And I think they still have the heart of what George means to write. I hope he gets busy.

Ya hear me, George? Get busy.

I identify with him as a writer, totally, you know give him the time he needs, but get busy dude.

Okay, so before watching the last episode, I thought Dany had the throne locked up. She had the epic story, coming from nothing, and basically pulling herself up. She basically creates these three dragons, and overcomes death and destruction with fire and blood. The Dragon Queen was going to claim it. She hasTyrion on her side. She has Varys on her side. She has half of the characters that are intelligent and badass on her side. And now when she has finally joined up with Jon Snow, I thought there was no stopping her.

After watching the last episode, it came to my mind that Dany had some issues with anger management. In my opinion, she needs to get a hold of her temper. (It must be the fire, in the fire in the blood, I guess).

I found that she had a lot more empathy earlier on in the series when she was trying to release the slaves. As she progresses, she’s becoming eager to claim what she feels is hers. Dany isn’t thinking what’s best for the little people and for the Westero.

Here’s where my opinion comes in. George R.R. Martin probably has something that I have never thought about in his bag of tricks. He’s probably going to come up with something that I haven’t even considered. But after watching the last episode…I want Jon on the throne. Not only because he has the birthright (which he does).

And I think sleeping with his aunt is going to produce more problems than solutions because now there is a romance and he’s definitely going to have a rift. Hopefully, there’s no baby involved because I feel like Jon was going to marry Dany. I believe that was his plan because if you think back to like season 1 or season 2 when he met Sam. One of their discussions was why Jon had never been with anybody sexually. The reason that was because he didn’t want to leave any more bastards in the world to be raised as bastards as he was. He would have never slept with anybody that he didn’t plan on being with.

Anyway….getting back to basics, this is not Targaryen land. Even though Targaryens often married brothers and sisters. And that type of marriage is acceptable in other countries, and maybe even a few hundred years ago it was acceptable in Westeros. But judging from the way people approved of Jaime and Cersei’s relationship, and how negative a thing it was for the country, I don’t think the common people are going to allow that.

Also, the North is not going to agree with a Targaryen on the throne. I think it’s going to have to be a Stark and the only person who has Targaryen and Stark blood is Jon Snow. He has the legal right, he has the backing of the North, and he has the backing of the South once he saves them from the freaking White Walkers and crazy Queen Cersei.

When there was no hope, Jon was willing to die for them over and over again. That’s the kind of leader that Westeros needs after all of the selfish pretenders to the throne. From Stannis, who was willing to kill his own daughter, from Dany, who was willing to kill any Lord and burn them because they wouldn’t bend the knee to her. We need a new kind of ruler in Westeros, (WE-because I’m part of the country now because I love the books and the show.) I feel like they need Jon Snow, and I believe in him. Hopefully, GRRM won’t do some big switch-a-roo, but I think that Jon’s got it.

I might do more videos concerning this as the season progresses and as we find out more appalling and beautiful facts about our people and our favorite characters.

What are your favorite scenes from Game of Thrones in season 8? What you’re looking forward to? Who do you think has the Iron Throne?

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