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A bit about me: I’m a writer.

My journey began long ago in a galaxy not too far away.  I write speculative fiction,  fantasy, and sci-fi bent with a healthy dose of romance and girl power.

My writing motto is humor, heart, and a dose of dark.

A Whedonite from way, way back (repeat after me-In Joss We Trust) I love Buffy, Firefly, and The Avengers. As for comics, I have strong Marvel leanings, but I dig the CW’s Arrow and the Chris Nolan Batman movies.

I placed third in the Rebecca Contest with my manuscript In Harm’s Way, and I won the Silver Quill for Frozen Hearts.

My sci-fi series, the Ionia Chronicles, features a teenage runaway, a rogue android, and a thousand miles of frozen wasteland. Fans of Cinder and  Divergent will love this new take on YA sci-fi adventure.

Thank you for stopping by.  To contact me drop me a line at

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