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Conscripted and forced to fight for her life.    

ConscriptSeventeen-year-old Vega Volante almost finished her mandatory service to the Axis government. Everyone had told her it would be easy–in and out.

Then, the hostile aliens invaded.

Now, she slaves away training and retooling a mining ship for war as part of the Star Defenders. All Vega wants is to get home to her family. So, when a chance at officer’s training opens up, she jumps at the opportunity for more freedom. But there are only five slots, and Vega must use all her planetborn skill to fight for her place.

As if that wasn’t enough, the ship’s condition continues to worsen. “Accidents” may not be accidents. The lines between friends and enemies blur and Vega realizes there’s a lot more at stake than her chance at freedom.

Fans of Aurora Rising, Ender’s Game, and Brandon Sander’s Skyward will devour this story of adventure, mystery, and friendship. 

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I’m Pamela Stewart, an independently published author of the Young Adult Science-Fiction/Fantasy novels, The Ionia Chronicles. Fans of Cinder and Star Trek TNG will love the unique vision of the future in this coming-of-age, action adventure that keeps the reader guessing until the very end.

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