Let’s talk about self-care for writers. 

With online events like Camp NaNoWriMo, editing, writing, and marketing my work as well as a full-time day job, I burn out fairly quickly. Writing is mostly an internal practice and takes a lot out of you.

It may seem counterintuitive, but taking a step back and focusing on my health has made me more productive. 

To keep my creative juices flowing, I prioritize self-care, especially during times when I’m focused on hitting my word count. 

Here are my top 5 tips for implementing self-care as a writer. 

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Using dictation to write my novels is a GODSEND. I’m able to write faster and remain focused while doing so. More, it’s helped me improve my speech. This video covers all of the software I use to streamline the writing process.

Today I’m giving you an update on my Camp NaNoWriMo July 2019 adventure into writerdom and letting you in on some of my biggest writing secrets. 

I’m writing a sequel to Conscript called Cadet.

What’s Conscript, you may ask? My new space adventure that’s like Harry Potter in Space. It’s not out until October, but I’m trying to finish the first two books in the series before I send it out into the world. 

I’m excited to share my journey into space opera with you guys, but currently, I am in the heart of creation, which has its challenges.

How do I find time to work, shop, take care of a house, spend time with family, and breathe? I use dictation, word sprints, and time pockets. Read on if you are curious. 

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When I first started writing, like eons ago, people told me, ‘you have to find your voice before you can be published’. And I always wondered what they meant by that. For me, writing was telling the story in any way possible — using declarative sentences and internalizations like I had read in books.

Well, that’s part of it. 

Voice is how a writer structures their sentences. It’s what nouns they use. The length of their sentences. It’s how they decide space between paragraphs or write a single word paragraph to evoke emotion. 

Understanding voice is the difference between people loving your work or finding it derivative and not reading it at all. 

So, how do you find your voice?

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The inspiration for the last book in my series “The Ionia Chronicles.” Featuring me and my book babies out and about.

I’d like to share with you how I came up with the kooky idea of making a slightly awkward spy-droid who grows a conscience. Take a peek into a writer’s mind…

 Zee, also known as “Destroyed” is the last in the short story series branched from the Ionia Chronicles

While I was writing my book series, the Ionia Chronicles, there was a large gap of time between the first and second book because I’m a slow writer. In this time frame, I still wanted to provide my audience with content. And in the second book of the series, there was a character that I liked, Zee. She had a rich history to delve into.

So I shared the idea with my newsletter subscribers.  The short-story was so well-received that I decided to write it as a series instead of a one-off book.

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