Cadet: Star Defenders Book Two

Title: Cadet: Star Defenders Book Two
Series: Star Defenders #2
Release Date: 1/15/2021
Pages: 469
Contributors: Pamela Stewart

The aliens will be tough...the academy must be tougher. 

Vega and her friends are back and ready to face anything together, or so they think.  Life at the Axis military academy isn't what they expected. Brutal training tests their faith in themselves and each other.  Every day is torture and every night is...more torture.  The academy burns through recruits quickly until only the strongest remain.

Then the real training begins.

Everything at the military facility isn't what it appears to be and soon the friends are up to their retro rockets in trouble. Can Vega, Amalie, and Dax find a way to defeat the forces rising against the Axis before every life in settled space is in mortal danger?
Sometimes evil comes from within.

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