The inspiration for the last book in my series “The Ionia Chronicles.” Featuring me and my book babies out and about.

I’d like to share with you how I came up with the kooky idea of making a slightly awkward spy-droid who grows a conscience. Take a peek into a writer’s mind…

 Zee, also known as “Destroyed” is the last in the short story series branched from the Ionia Chronicles

While I was writing my book series, the Ionia Chronicles, there was a large gap of time between the first and second book because I’m a slow writer. In this time frame, I still wanted to provide my audience with content. And in the second book of the series, there was a character that I liked, Zee. She had a rich history to delve into.

So I shared the idea with my newsletter subscribers.  The short-story was so well-received that I decided to write it as a series instead of a one-off book.

So “Defective,” the first book in the short story series, takes place in Taiwan about 50 years before the Ionia Chronicles begin. I did that as kind of a wink and a nod to all of the items that are mass produced overseas in Taiwan. You can flip them over, and it says “Made in Taiwan” or “Made in China.” Some of these products aren’t known for their quality — as they are poorly produced plastic. 

I wanted to use Zee’s story as a way to turn that assumption on its head and make Taiwan a Mecca for industry and technology, so Zee was created there.

What came to the forefront when I thought about Zee was the movie Miss Congeniality, which stars Sandra Bullock. In particular, the main character in that movie, Gracie, inspired me. Gracie is awkward and unaware of her power, yet she’s the most caring character in the movies. So I drew from that fish-out-of-water perspective because I felt that Zee would be that way, especially at the beginning of her existence. 

Similarly, Zee believes that she is defective since she isn’t like everyone else. And she is very resourceful, as she finds interesting ways out of problems and all of the death-defying situations she gets into. Above all, she makes a point to do the right thing, regardless of how difficult that may be.  I really identify with her character because I try my best to do the same as well. 

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