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Will she keep her secret or save his life?
Z43217, commonly known as Zee, is defective. She has all the skills of a companion droid and all the military expertise of a soldier. Everything she needs to become a proper spy, yet she keeps failing at the most simple task of passing for human. All she wants is to be chosen and make her Sifu proud.

On her first mission, Zee befriends a charming boy named Kuta. Soon she realizes that Kuta’s life is in danger and only she can save him.

Zee has a mission to complete, an identity to keep secret, and a home to save, but Kuta is the first person to treat her like a real girl. She must decide if she will follow protocol or if she will follow her heart.

I’m Pamela Stewart, an independently published author of the Young Adult Science-Fiction/Fantasy novels, The Ionia Chronicles. Fans of Cinder and Star Trek TNG will love the unique vision of the future in this coming-of-age, action adventure that keeps the reader guessing until the very end.

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A rogue android, a teenage runaway, and a thousand kilometers of frozen wasteland. Will they survive? Watch the trailer to learn more…