Hey Ya’ll.

I’ve finished Destroyed, and it’s at the editors! I’m digging deep into my YA sci-fi and catching up on all my wonderful nerdy obsessions. (I also started a YouTube channel and have lots of cool things like my thoughts on tv/movies/books, writing, and behind the scenes. It’s a lot of fun. I added a link here and a transcript below. Leave a comment here or on YouTube. I LOVE hearing from you and watch for DESTROYED in the next month. (SO EXCITED!)

Hello! I am Pam Stewart, and I am an author of Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy, and today, I am going to be discussing (if I had the license for the music I would be playing it)

No, I’m sorry — that’s bad. Actually, I just wanted to discuss what I think, better yet, who I think, has got the Iron Throne.

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Hi! My site has been sort of BASIC for the last two years so I am giving it a fresh coat of paint. Still nothing fancy, but I think it looks a lot better. What do you think? Easy to find what you’re looking for? All the links working? Let me know!!