A bit about me.  I’m a writer.  profile

My journey began long ago in a galaxy not too far away.  I write speculative fiction,  fantasy and sci-fi bent with a healthy dose of romance and girl power.

My writing motto is humor, heart with a dose of dark.

For books, I enjoy urban and epic fantasy, a lot of YA, and some horror.

For the Tumblr fans, (follow me!) I’m a SuperWhoLock.  

A Whedonite from way, way back (repeat after me-In Joss We Trust) I love Buffy, Firefly, and the Avengers. As for comics, I have strong Marvel leanings, but I totally dig the CW’s Arrow and the Chris Nolan Batman movies.

Musicwise, I like anything that’s really cool and alternative basically my daughter’s playlist. I actually enjoy running and there is much to adore about Hatha Yoga.

I’m a believer, a dreamer, a trier.  I love movies, adventure, and live a world of my own making. I got an accounting degree and it pays the bills but would much rather write.

I placed third in the Rebecca Contest with my manuscript In Harm’s Way, and I won the Silver Quill for Frozen Hearts.

My new YA sci-fi, Frozen Hearts, set in futuristic Antarctica,  is available now.  Sign up for my newsletter at the ‘click me’ link above for free reads and updates on new releases, read my blog for quirky insights, or friend me on Facebook if you want to hang out online.  Thank you for stopping by.  To contact me drop me a line at


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